Bailey Laine

Luxury Products

Bailey Laine products are made by Mallalieus of Delph, a woollen textile company established over one hundred and fifty years ago in the North West of England. Mallalieus has both the machinery and depth of technical expertise to bring our fabrics to a level necessary for luxury soft furnishings.

Our Heritage


Bailey Laine Cushions are designed by a husband and wife team. They are both artists and try to reflect their contemporary style of art in the design of Bailey Laine cushions. They want people to be able to express themselves the way they want and to reflect this in their home interiors.


Our home at Valley Mills, Delph, Oldham has a high production capability supported by up to date plant and equipment, expertise in cloth design and development, teamwork and dedication. This coupled with the dynamic team at Bailey Laine ensures a high quality production process.


Bailey Laine is a subsidiary of Mallalieus of Delph, a Woollen Textile Manufacturing Company based in the North West of England. Five generations of the family have seen the evolution of textile production from a Cottage industry in the early 1900s to a highly mechanised operation in the 21st Century. The cloths designed and produced by the Company fulfil fashion and furnishing requirements throughout the World.

Spanning 5 generations Mallalieus of Delph has remained as a Textile Manufacturer since 1840. Founded by 2 brothers and becoming a Limited company in 1890 it has made numerous changes to its outlook and diversification particularly over the last 15 to 20 years.

Changes of demand in the market and the emergence of other countries countering the effects of streamlining its machinery, output and productivity have forced the company into niche markets which have proved to be a key to survival.