Bailey Laine



Bailey Laine Cushions are designed by a husband and wife team. They are both artists and try to reflect their contemporary style of art in the design of Bailey Laine cushions. They want people to be able to express themselves the way they want and to and to reflect this in their homes interior. As well as being artists, “The Husband” also has experience in interior design, knowing what works and what doesn’t. They were both eager to design for Bailey Laine as their ethos matched ours. “Love your life, express your style”

Once designs are made and a final selection has been chosen, our material is sourced from Mallalieus of Delph whose production process is thorough, resulting in stunning British cloth.

The Designing of all our luxury throw ranges takes place at Mallalieus of Delph, using their dynamic design team. We wanted a level of experience, design and craftsmanship that we couldn't get anywhere else. Mallalieus ethos matched ours just as that of our cushion designers .


Warping capacity is backed up by short length and high speed warping machine Multi-coloured warping from high end creels combines a facility for simple or complex design blocks. Yarns are wound over a large drum and a warp (which are the threads that run lengthways) is made for weaving. These are checked by highly skilled professionals and are all be held in an exact order to ensure accurate designs.


Cloth production is carried out in a unit comprising of 24 high-speed rapier looms. This environment also weaves patterns and short lengths to initiate the marketing process. Access to a sound customer base ultimately leads to bulk production and both of these activities are performed by a team which is geared to providing high standards. To achieve this requires sound planning to response to high demand for patterns prior to obtaining volume business. The nature of the organisation, the personnel and their awareness of the changes required enables the company to meet the delivery demands exacted upon it whichever circumstances exist. Once the fabric is woven, each piece is subject to a strict quality control process. Every inch of fabric is inspected at three stages in the manufacturing process, when it comes off the loom, after finishing and again before it leaves the factory, this results in high quality and consistent product. 


The finishing department has both the machinery and depth of technical expertise to bring Mallalieus cloths to a level necessary for high class apparel. Bringing cloths to these standards of appearance, handle and durability is due in no small part to a knowledgeable staff and type of equipment which has been installed for the purpose. From flat to sophisticated surface appearances, from soft woollen coatings to fine cashmeres the capability to respond to customer requirements for these first class finishes lies within this area.

Cushion Cover and Throw Manufacture

Once our cloth is ready and arrived from Mallalieus of Delph, it is sent to a local “cut, make, trim” factory where our designs are followed by a highly skilled team, some of whom have over 45 years of experience. This team then skillfully works with the cloth and designs to make up our final product. Any embellishments such as buttons are all hand sewn onto Bailey Laine cushions. 

All our luxury throw ranges are designed at Mallalieus of Delph ensuring the highest standards of craftsmanship throughout all the manufacturing processes.


Cushion Inserts

Once the cushion covers arrive back, they are filled with a cushion pad from a British cushion company who have been making feather products for over 70 years. They manufacture pillows for prestigious department stores and multiple store groups. Their cushions can be found in all sorts of surprising places from the back seat of a most desirable car to being sold within cushions cases.
All their products are made to order at our factory in the UK. As a result, they can deliver pillows or cushions far more quickly than most overseas suppliers - any quantity, any size.

Final Product

The final process is to attach our Bailey Laine swing tags and woven labels to all our products. As this is done, each cushion, throw or accessory is checked thoroughly to continue the high quality control process that has been followed from start to finish of our products. The end result, beautiful, luxurious British products to adorn your home with a modern contemporary style.